And the action just keeps getting hotter! The players may have reached the urn, but things just get worse and worse. Can they figure out how to safely remove their treasure, all while dodging multiple traps, a violent psychopath, and an overeager young bard? Does Shira think it all belongs in a museum? And how many foreign objects can Ragna collect in his meat? Find out on tonights exciting episode!

  • Thanks for cluing me into the need for reviews on iTunes. At least a search of iTunes for “pretend wizards” brought up a suggestion in the drop-down, that named you all exactly. I’m now listening to Episode 8 through iTunes, in case their site reacts with AI suspicion to reviews posted by people who haven’t listened with iTunes.

    The introduction of Alphonse is very atmospheric and vivid. We don’t know if he’s good or evil or what. … I did miss why Ragna went to meet this Alphonse. Oh- of course! The action at the apartment building is going on at the same time. Is Alphonse a tenant, or is his space nearby?

    Okay, Ragna and Alphonse were both very close, and Ragna is able to protect the mage from the murderous … landlord? Maybe he’s a landlord, maybe he just eats the tenants. Nice, funny/disturbing (and accurate) description.

    Ron, playing LeBon, trying to climb back up to the 4th floor balcony, makes every D&D player feel better, who ever forgot what to add to a roll.
    And way to go, keeping up the running horror joke of the manikins.

    Nice way to make a villain into a possible recurring character: very mysterious.

    “My Armor Class is ‘Light’!” Your group shows how much fun people can have with D&D, even when they are still far from learning all the rules. And you’re really fun to hear.

    o_O Did I just hear that D&D 5th edition has decided that Halflings never roll a 1 on a d20? I don’t know 5th edition yet, either. I look forward to more of your game.

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