The adventure begins! We meet the players and their characters, who are surely destined to become the best of friends! Introducing Lolani the city guide, Dweezil Zappa the effete dwarvish noble, fantasy-Batman Shira Snow, the orc with a white picket fence Ragna, and the Worlds Greatest Sculptor Crispin Ascalon.

  • That was a lot of fun. I think you all did a good job of making your characters memorable from the beginning. If I struggle at recall, it’s because I’m “special” that way [officially].

    Ragnar is a vivid study in contrasts, the half-orc who’s really, really in touch with his feminine side, He will make clear to the listener that it makes him no less effective a fighter.

    The struggling sculptor is played by the only one of you who’s not an artist. Stereotypes can be fun, when they aren’t mean at all. And I’m guessing that a drunk sculptor would fall asleep on marble chips.

    The aristocratic dwarf is really full of himself, but must be the nice one in his family, to retain the loyalty of family servants who prefer to follow him into a less certain future. Descriptions are somewhat stereotyped, but still vivid and fun.

    And I think you actually have a wizard in the party-to-be. Sorry I don’t recall enough. I confess that my attention was divided. I’m also “special” that way, and can only work in a 2-plus-wheels-one-hamster way.

    Looking forward to more.

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