• Oops – sorry – had to go somewhere just before the end, and posting a comment. So now all I have in my head is ADD/senior moments/a good night’s sleep. Good enough that I’ll listen again.

    Listening closely isn’t my strong suit, but all the energy of Ron’s (as LeBron) “Go time!” helps me focus.

    Around 0:26:40,I had to go back and listen again, as I didn’t understand how the battering timber entered the scene. Okay, it was fun, but how would such a trap be triggered by something as specific as that window breaking, that way? It’s okay. Cartoony nonsense is good, so long as you all know that’s at least part of your aim … if you’re aiming at all. 😉

    Around 0:45;10 Wow – congratulations on referring to the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, and making your real-life history role. That’s as good as when the RiffTrax writers work in Xeno’s Paradox for the slow shuttle (about the size of an elevator car) in ‘Star Trek: the Motion[less] Picture,” when the fans are slowly being brought to the Enterprise.

    0:48:20 Grease is a classic defense spell for low-level magic users, who don’t have access to a lot else. And I love the ‘guess’ that it makes the murderous thug dirtier than he already was. … By the way, I’ve known some very nice people whose living space was a mess, not far off this.

    About 0:50:55, I love the approach to rationalizing the material component handy: pork rinds. And of course “a stick of butter, unwrapped like a candy bar,” would also fit.

    And good call-back to the earlier confusion over “street urchins/urchents” and now “street urgents.” That on isn’t the easiest slang to figure, as sea urchins aren’t especially fast (if they move at all), but street kids are closer to “the Artful Dodger.”

    Around 0:57, Hugo Hans is a lot of fun for me. He reminds me of the “We’re going to pump you up!” Saturday night live, body-builder sketch. Nice job, challenging our probable assumptions, putting the extremely masculine Hans in pink. Such collisions are a good, go-to source for comedy, and this one makes us pay attention and think differently. And the GM obviously had a lot of fun with the voice. It’s good for the Gm to have fun.

    Hugo has the feat Lightning Tailor! 😀 and somehow, his totally focused, professional air keeps him from being inappropriate at all.

    I love how Hugo, and his secret, dark store room, has a Terry Pratchett troll feel. I miss Sir Terry already, and I appreciate you all for carrying on in his place. … Do what you want with your world, of course.

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