Well we got 9 episodes in before lighting everything on fire! That sounds like a success to me, though hopefully Shira doesn’t end up being a part of that “everything. With the group all together again, can they punch a fire into submission? Well they certainly will try!

  • “Boiled ox urine”: now that’s stuck in my mind. I can understand the players’ confusion. I thought initially that Sweets was described as throwing jars of shark poop, that was somehow yellow and viscous. So Sweets is really only throwing jars of olive oil? That’s him at his nastiest? His victims will smell nice, even if they have a few light bruises? If that’s true, then maybe Morty’s Boys (and Girls) should try to form an alliance with these rivals. They did beat up everyone else in the crowd in front of Mortimer’s house.

    Well, I have to get up really early tomorrow, so I’m glad this episode just ended. Thanks.

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