New Teams Enter The Fray!


Dawn’s Knights:     Noble warriors and legendary do-gooders, the Dawns Knights are possibly the most righteous of the troubleshooters in Atla. Some say that their leader, the glorious and radiant Skyler Skyseer, may be a little too obsessed with justice.


B&B:    An infamous two person team of assassins, Beatrice & Benedict solve problems with violence and murder, exclusively. This is contrast to the fact that they never seem to take any assassination contracts, or even jobs that require combat. Maybe they just feel like everything is so much simpler when you’re just dealing with large piles of crushed meat.


Seventh Eye:    Why shove an axe into somebodies face when you can just go after the brain directly? Enemies of the Seventh Eye find their every move accounted for, their own minds turned against them. The targets of Yuri Geller, the Arch-Psionic, are not even safe in their dreams.


Vanguard:    An elite squadron of soldiers returned from service in the Tartan Wastes, the Vanguard enjoy adventure and taking action rather than thinking for even a second. While Sgt Ivana‘s eager, well-meaning thoughtlessness might be better suited to the frontier, she makes up for what she lacks in strategy with sheer tenacity.

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