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Dawn’s Knights:     Noble warriors and legendary do-gooders, the Dawns Knights are possibly the most righteous of the troubleshooters in Atla. Some say that their leader, the glorious and radiant Skyler Skyseer, may be a little too obsessed with justice.


The Crows:    A team comprised entirely of were-people, every whisper about the The Crows is more outlandish than the last. It’s said they’ve talked the jewels off kings, stolen entire houses, and once persuaded a man he was not really alive, thus killing him. Jacker, their boss, seems nice enough though.


Seventh Eye:    Why shove an axe into somebodies face when you can just go after the brain directly? Enemies of the Seventh Eye find their every move accounted for, their own minds turned against them. The targets of Yuri Geller, the Arch-Psionic, are not even safe in their dreams.


Rudos:    There was a time when the minotaur people of Ronda were nothing more than slaves to be sacrificed in gladiatorial combat. Eventually, they slew their masters and claimed sovereignty, forming their own powerful city. Rhiannon Bomba and the Rudos seek to bring glory, honour, and money to their fledgling nation, and after a lifetime of blood soaked combat, they’re certainly well prepared.


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  • mindfreaksniper

    If the seventh eye attack them in their dreams i hope it’ll go down like the first time they slept.

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