• Tim O.

    This episode had my rolling in my chair laughing, this is awesome guys. Hope you keep it up.

  • Disgruntled Dwarf

    You’ve GOT to stop telling the players the DCs, Christian! Also, stop describing what the PCs do; that’s for them to tell YOU. And pronounce Ragna’s name right. And stop having them roll for stupid shit like walking through a store. And let’s get to some action and actual story, huh?

    • davylols

      This is still worth listening to and I want to love it, but yeah, Christian railroads out of control, and Lee Bron really needs to stop screaming into the mic. If they avoided that (plus pointless rolls and endless tangents) this would be super popular, because they’re funny and quick and the technical quality is nice. You’re charming, guys! You are! But that stuff like sort of kills it for listeners.

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