• o_O … >.< … -.- An employer who not only doesn't pay them, he makes them pay his expenses, yet has people fighting to work for him. "Living arrangements" that involve piles of trash and nowhere good to put them, wet, moldy, probably infested beds … I'm sorry, but this makes me really uncomfortable. I've been abused by employers, though not that badly, and I've seen scary-nasty living conditions I am glad I haven't suffered, and I have piles of clutter, though not trash, with no attic, basement or garage in which to store them out of the way.

    I think I can still enjoy your adventures, especially all the jokes, but I found part of this episode painful. I know you meant no harm. Maybe you're thinking of Mel Brooks' statement, "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall down a manhole and die." But that can be taken too far. No one less than Garrison Keillor now regularly inflicts the "comedy" of the guy with the horribly emotionally manipulative mother on his audience, nearly every week. I have to turn that stuff off. Please think about that, and consider going a bit less bleak. I'd love it if Mortimer Crimm broke down in tears and apologized, saying he's fallen on hard times, himself, and needs help. Then they'd all be in it together, eventually rising above the squalor. Or don't. It's your story.

    • PretendWizards

      AH! Thanks for all the comments! It’s so nice hearing your thoughts on the episodes, especially when they’re so detailed and interesting! It sounds like you’re unsure if you’re going to keep listening, and I totally understand. We definitely have our share of jank. No matter what you decide to do though, thank you so much for taking the time to listen and tell us how you felt. I geuss I’m just saying the same thing again in different words, but I’m super flattered by everything you’ve done.

      Sorry I didn’t get to everything sooner, comments are so rare on the site itself that I usually only check every few days. Also, sorry this is just sort of a general comment, and I haven’t really responded to anything specific you said.

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