Night falls over Hadestown. Surely here, at the bottom of the planet, surrounded by unknowable dangers and mortal threats, the players can sleep soundly and without interuption. Right?

Surely our heroes can’t make the wrong decision again in their traversal of the dangerous forest of Hadestown. They can’t have chosen wrong again, that would just be unlikely!

Our heroes are positive that a small rustic village shouldn’t be resting in the middle of this deadly forest. But for a few, other things seem to be of greater import: lost friends and old…

A conversation with Bell leads the players to believe something is happening out in the forest. Maybe be following a squad of a soldiers into the unknown, they can pull back the curtains.

Lost in the forest of Hadestown, Ragna and Pegasus follow their companion through the strange, grave dotted landscapes. Are they risking their lives for the right reasons? What will they find?

Still wary that it might be a worthless excursion, our heroes journey out into the forest of Hadestown, hoping they find more then death in the pink forest.

Slowly, our heroes are feeling more and more like they haven’t prepared properly for the mystery that awaits them in Hadestown. What is blarneystone? Why is no one sweating? Is any of this real food?

So what if the old, decrepit mining elevator began spitting up bits of people, I’m sure it’s totally safe. I’m sure nothing bad with happen down in the confining, suffocating dark.

So what if old, decrepit mining elevator began spitting up bits of people, I’m sure it’s totally safe. I’m sure nothing bad with happen down in the confining, suffocating dark.

There was a main story?! Our heroes get back to their actually job that they actually get paid for, and journey to Mafic Road, seeking passge to the bottom of it’s massive quarry.

Who knew the door to the sewer could close! Only Ragna and Sapphire Melody can get out in time, and so it’s up to them to forgo saving themselves and find a way to rescue…

Time to run! But there might be more in the sewers waiting for them. Someone, something, or maybe just a whole lot of someones, ready to pummel them into the sludge.

Dash for the exit, but don’t forget Shira! Our heroes have almost escaped their pursuers when Shira gets knocked out. Can they rescue her and escape without taking further casualties?

Our heroes finish working on their sly trap, but only feet outside, their enemies stalk the streets looking for them. It’s just a bunch of flunkies tho, surely nothing can go wrong!

Something is watching Smugglers Cove. Something know our heroes would be here eventually, and it’s been waiting. Can they make it to Morgan without alerting anyone?

The storm rages in Not-Loggerspoole. With a newly created exit only feet away, the players need only fight their way through the torrential downpour long enough to escape, hopefully with both themselves and Robespierre intact.

How can anyone be expected to solve a puzzle in a world that doesn’t follow the same rules as our own? What is logic in an ever shifting alien roomscape? Better figure it out, only…

Trapped in a strangely isolated HQ, our players search for someway to escape a gross watery grave, as the Days of Week watch on silently, passively.

When Robespierre wakes, what will he have to say? Will he divulge his secrets willingly, or will he require some of Shira Snow’s gentle “encouragement”?

A pile of corndogs can only lie around so long. Eventually, they need to be put to use. The team decides to finally assemble the antidote, collecting the final ingredients quickly.

As the dust settles, it’s time for the battles that aren’t sung about. Plans to take care of those bereft of hearth and home, and reunions with hard-hearted family.

It’s time to fight the main behind the burning curtain. But Hickory hasn’t stopped his assault, and the damage begins to mount. Can our heroes survive, let alone end the fight in time?

The clock is ticking down on Hickory’s life, and our heroes begin to despair at what seems like a hopeless fight. Can they find the path to rescue him?

Oh painful, obvious, irony-of-ironies. Our heroes have found their friend, but the field of battle is no place to rescue an ally.

The riddle looms over battle and blood. Will a simple turn of phrase spell doom for the heroes? Have they conquered everything in their path so far only to fall to some well thrown bottles…

Blood, pain, fury. Combat rages, but soon our heroes most feared opponent rears it’s head: Riddles!

A battle for blood and life rages on, but on the outskirts the rest of the crew tries to see if they can’t make a quick buck. It’s not like the next opponent will have…

The Pit calls for blood of warforged, but the only thing spilled so far is wizard blood and dwarven alcohol. Can our heroes keep winning, or will their next mysterious opponent take them out.

Blood and music, sweat and dreams. All can be found in the chaos of the pit. The only question is if our heroes will find the truth there too, as they walk into the arena…

While Dweezil and Shira deposit some much needed money for the new orphanage, the rest of the crew descends into a pit of blood, alcohol and money to find the trail The Trolleyman has left…

Our heroes press deeper into the Lower Bailey, pursuing the smallest of threads towards looming mysteries. Who knows to what depths it could lead them, or even what familiar faces.

Something is hiding between the walls. The children of the Happy Sunshine Orphanage knew something was watching, by what and why?

Finally, The morning is here. The danger of the night falls away, and all that’s left is level ups, magical rewards, and fantastic wealth. Just ignore your missing friends and enjoy yourself!

While some are woke in the middle of the night, alone against the shadows, at Pegasus Place our heroes spot something hiding in the forest. But it should be fine, after all how dangerous could…

Oh no! Something strikes in the middle of the night! How could anyone have known? Can Shira and Sapphire conquer what lurks in the night?

The chase is over, and our heroes go about setting up the orphans in the giant fey manor of Pegasus. Or, at least they will if Pegasus and Shira manage to escape their own assailants.

Keep running and don’t stop running! Unless maybe you’re Shira and Pegasus, in which case, stop running and fight 20 men all on your own.

Trapped between a 200 foot drop, and 20 soldiers that want their heads. The end of the gauntlet to save the children is here, and unfortunately there’s a guillotine waiting to cut our heroes heads…

Only a few more stories of rickety wooden walkway stand between our heroes and safety. Who will make it to end alive? How many children can survive the onslaught of attacks? How many punches can…

An escape that has been rough, but doable, suddenly begins taking a turn for the worse, as the regiment of TTT soldiers can no longer be held back, and Dweezil and Shira find themselves playing…

Shira and Dweezil stand against a small battalion of unknown assailants, are they’re skills enough to keep them alive as the orphans escape? Are Sapphire’s skills enough to keep her from dying between the space…

Two hundred feet. Can our heroes make it two hundred feet up a wall, assaulted by magic and assassins every step of the way? Esp without Sapphire Melody, as she take’s a step into something…

It’s go time! Can our heroes get the orphans out of their prison? Can they convince Waltz to help without violence? How badly are they gonna beat up Benny?!

Our heroes seek to make a deal with the fairies before confronting the Happy Sunshine Orphanage, and their deadly owners, directly.

Finishing up the battle against the hit squad sent against them by Waltz, the team takes her criticism to heart and decides on a plan, vowing to end the Happy Sunshine Orphanage now matter what…

Fire! Blood! The HQ is on fire, and assaulted from all sides by armed thugs. With two newborns inside, can our heroes prevail?

Our heroes head back home, know that more than likely, each of their footsteps is followed by others, hidden deadly trackers waiting to make them dead.

The gang learns why aerial combat is dangerous! Or do they stop for a second to try and convince Waltz that they can help her clean up the orphanage and save the children?