• Canadian_DM

    I really enjoy hearing you guys play, but damn. You all really need to read up on your characters. Barbarian rage is a bonus action, so is the free attack from heavy weapon master therefore you can’t do both in the same turn. Invisibility does confer advantage for your first attack. Half orc roll an extra weapon die on a critical so Ragna would roll 3d12+str mod+rage bonus. The action “aid” gives advantage to the character you are aiding. Ron your chaotic neutral, and Chris advantage is not a big deal to give your characters. Keep up the hilarious hijinks! Happy Gaming!

    • PretendWizards

      Thank you! I should definitely not be so stingy with advantage, it really does seem like the baseline bonus for doing stuff right. And thanks for letting us know rule stuff! I’m so flippant with rules that I often don’t learn them as well as I should, even though I think they’re very important for empowering the players and keeping the game fun.

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