• Alex

    Um is there a reason I can’t download episodes 5, 3, and 2? (the download audio button above the description is not there at least for me.) is By the way love the series, I’ve been putting it on my mp3 player and started doing that while at #7 and only just now got around to grabbing the earliest episodes instead of just adding the next to my playlist.

    • PretendWizards

      Ahhhhh Sorry, it looks like I just didn’t have it on for some reason. Thanks for letting me know, and I’m really glad your enjoying the show!

  • Okay, I’m over being down from the description of the broken marionette, and I see that making players roll (for tasks that could be easily accomplished by taking more time, in a no-limits situation) makes for more fun. I love how Ragna reacted, and struggled to make amends.

    I loved the story of “breakfast meal,” and how it works with “Sun Flakes.”

    And the rival gang was a lot of fun. I think the GM did a great job with their voices, attitudes and actions. The new player was inventive and in character, responding to them. I loved how Mortimer’s natural 20 was played out with subtlety, with a casual show of arcane power, to send the last gang member in retreat out the door.

    I am looking forward to more.

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